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During the 1980’s I attended Brunel Technical College in Bristol and Completed a Mechanical Engineering Course completely un-aware that a recession was about to hit, and that unemployment in the UK would sore to over 1.5 million. In Bristol alone 3500 engineer’s were made redundant, Bristol’s Aircraft and Aerospace Industry had gone into melt down, so I temporarily abandoned my engineering career and looked for other opportunities. Way back then little did I know that those engineering skills would prove to be very useful one day. Having left College I offered my services to several community projects and worked for free; one local charity gave me a job after 3 months. Giving me a new direction and purpose... From those early experiences I realised that you can influence a positive outcome so long as you ‘can Adapt to change Quickly’. During my career I have been fortunate enough to have been helped, trained, and influenced by some great decision makers, and I have worked closely with some very experienced collegues all the while learning about the Safety Sector. My Goal has been to become a Man of Value, who uses plain speaking to answer Safety Management questions I have provided Training Programs that clients tell me work and I conduct Safety Tours so that we can influence your staff From my years of experience I can help you with CHAS, SMAS or the Achilles Link-up Accrediation Schemes. Harness-it Safety Systems are my vision and I have developed robust systems which can help you achieve the best results. The Systems I have developed are to the OHSAS 18001 Standard which is one of the most respected management systems in the World.
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