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Why carry out Health Surveillance? Some forms of Health Surveillance is required by Law, other forms are undertaken as good practice. Health Surveillance enables employers to identify those employees most at risk from occupational ill-health and should not be confused with health monitoring. Health Surveillance is required where there appears to be a reasonable chance that ill-health effects are occurring, or when a substance or process is being used as listed in Schedule 6 of the COSHH Regulations. Employment Medicals Certain jobs such as HGV or LGV Drivers, Nightworkers and Confined Space workers must undergo Occupational Health Medicals. Certain substances are known to be hazardous to health and your staff may require my support. Medical Service can include; Lung function tests, Audiometry’s, pre-employment Medicals and Occupational Health Assessments. Reducing your Business Risk Insurers clearly recognise your potential liablities and these are often reflected in your insurance premiums. They know that if you are not managing Health & Safety well, you are carrying ill-health issues and claims risks into the future, which they will be liable for. Take control with our support and call me today! Call Direct on 07792 559031
Occupational Health Understanding the Relationship between Health and the Workplace