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British Standards ISO 45001 and 14001 Operational Management Systems The British Standards Institute is an internationally recognised specification for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management. Many Organisations are moving toward implementing new strategies to help them align their other management systems and to protect their workforce. If you are looking to improve your Health & Safety Arrangements, so that they are more inline with your ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or if you are interested in BSI ISO 45001:2018 please call. If you have Health and Safety Duties I may be able to help you reduce your workload, because I have a developed robust H&S System. This simple solution can be yours, and is not resting in a cloud somewhere! If you want to move your organisation forward, toward a better working practice but realise that writing all that paperwork requires endless hours of dedication and will be costly. Read our Brochure
BSI ISO 45001: 2018 Call Direct 07792 559031 Meeting your ‘Legal Obligation’
Legal Duty of Care If you employ more than four people, you are legally required to have an up to date Health & Safety Policy, written Risk Assessments and you must have provided your staff with Information, Instruction and Training. Planning for Health & Safety is an essential part of the Management Process. If you need my help, and want to take control please call me...
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